Anna Gullberg and Dr Vincent Staf founded the European College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2020. The institute represents a broad basic education in osteopathic medicine with a strong foundation in the handcraft it takes to become an osteopath. Everything from the facilities to the teaching staff has been thoroughly planned to ensure the high standards that osteopathy deserves. Our institute will be a focal point for students striving to advance and bring osteopathy forward.

Our story

ECOM is cooperation between Anna Gullberg and Dr Vincent Staf, founded in 2020.

Both Anna and Vincent are innovative osteopaths with a vision to make osteopathy grow stronger and to strengthen the osteopathic profession in its true colours. Together they created ECOM with the intention to make osteopathy both broader and stronger over Europe, and to give future osteopaths a strong foundation in the spirit of a more than 200-year-old profession, where tradition, clinical experience and research has brought us to where we are today

Our team

Training tomorrow’s osteopaths!

ECOM’s pedagogical team guarantees the highest quality of teaching in order to train invested and qualified osteopaths by ensuring the conformity of the teaching, by taking care of the quality of the practical and theoretical teachings, by regularly monitoring the progress of the students (continuous control, transcripts, pedagogical follow-up, etc.).
The pedagogical team is composed of:

  • International osteopathic practitioners D.O. practicing in private practice or in clinic. They give the courses of concept and osteopathic practice.
  • Qualified professors teaching basic sciences (biology, histology, embryology, anatomy).
  • Specialists in their field for medical matters (radiologist, psychologist, general practitioner, rheumatologist, etc.).

The teaching programme is piloted by the head of the establishment, assisted by the director of studies and teaching coordinators.

The ECOM team invests tirelessly in the excellence of the training it builds. Pedagogical innovation and the quality of transmission is at the heart of its concerns; for this reason the team is made up of osteopaths, academics, teacher-researchers, doctors and surgeons, and teachers of fundamental sciences who are committed every day to high quality training.

Co-founder and Director

Before becoming an Osteopath Anna worked as a physiotherapist in the sports industry. After graduating 2012 at Scandinavian School of Osteopathy (SKOS), she spent two years postgraduate at Institute of Classical Osteopathy (ICO) in Dorking England.

With an interest of bringing Osteopathy forward and go into research she graduated 2017 from a tree year MSc program at European College Of Osteopathy (ESO) She founded together with Dr Vincent Staf The European College of Osteopathic Medicine (ECOM) in 2020.

Co-founder and Chairman of ECOM board

He is the founder and CEO of IOB (Bordeaux International Osteopathic Medical School) since 2011 and of ISEMA (European Institute of Alternatives medicines) since 2017 in France. He completed his high school education in Belgium and graduated from ISCAM Brussels in 1985, then pursued his postgraduate education and medical training in France, where he earned a Diploma of Osteopathy, in COS Paris in 1995.
Since then he practices osteopathy.

He created in 2003 an osteopathic private clinic with two areas of expertise: practice on premature children by OMT and craniomandibular pathologies. Dr Staf has been running and teaching in all his schools since their inception.

His international academic curriculum motivated his desire to develop and share, within his school, his vision of a plural and international osteopathy that is turned towards the world.

IOB is accredited by the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health since 2007 and member of Campus France, IOB is the first French Osteopathy school in France to develop its teaching on the international
level. Since 2018 with his team, he develops partnerships with Emirati and European universities.

Clinic tutor

Anders graduated from Scandinavian School of Osteopathy in Gothenburg in 2004. He founded “Lerums Hälsoklinik” in 2015 and has since 10 years back, beside his clinic, worked as an osteopathic instructor in both teaching and in the student clinic at the same school he graduated from. He is much appreciated from both students and colleagues for his high osteopathic standards and knowledge.

After graduation Anders continued at ICO in Dorking England with a specialization into Classical Osteopathy.


Isabella graduated from Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2018. She run her practice in Västerås, Sweden, and once a week she works and study together with her mentor and former teacher in Örebro. Isabella is passionate to always continue to learn and to keep an open mind about how she can develop her thinking and practice, as an Osteopath.

She studied massage therapy in 2011, that’s where she first came into contact with AT. STILL’s philosophy, and was at once intrigued by his way of thinking. After a course in Personal Training and a few years of working as one, she finally embarked on her Osteopathic journey in 2013.


IOB (Bordeaux International Osteopathic Medical School) graduate in Bordeaux with Dr. Staf, Paul is also a practitioner in traditional Chinese medicine.

Passionate about martial arts, Paul has a master’s degree in physical and mental preparation.

Since 2020, he has been the Director of the ISEMA (International School
of Animal Osteopathy) and teacher at IOB and ISEMA schools.
Paul has his own practice and spent two years at the Vincent STAF Osteopathy Clinic.

His osteopathic specialties are centered around pediatrics and obstetrics.

Licensed Nurse specialized in Ambulance and Anesthetic care

Erika is a Swedish Osteopath running her own clinic on the west coast in Sweden. She completed her nursing degree in 2009 and her Osteopathic education in 2013. She today teaches cranial techniques, pathology and orthopedics.

Her continued education since graduating in 2013 has predominantly been at Sutherlands Cranial Collage and Biodynamics in UK. The ambulance was her foundation for 15 years, but she has also spent a couple of years at the A & E, Queen Silvia´s Hospital for Children in Gothenburg as a nurse, and anesthetist at Kungälv hospital. 

Basic sciences Teacher

Gaëlle teaches basic sciences. She has a degree in Earth Sciences with a specialization in the evolution of living organisms and taught for 10 years in the French Ministry of Education.

She also has a master’s degree in Pedagogy with a specialization in Training Engineering.

Since 2020, she has been teaching in the two ECOM partner schools, IOB (Bordeaux International Osteopathic Medical School) and ISEMA (International School of Animal Osteopathy).


Björn Gassama Oom is a swedish osteopath who since he graduated in 2016, runs an osteopathic clinic in central Gothenburg. He has a previous Fil. Kand exam in sociology and philosophy.

Since 2017 Björn has been attending advanced post grad training in England at the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy, parallel to being involved in the cranial teachings for the students at “Skandinaviska osteopathögskolan”.

In addition to the love of osteopathy, Björn has a strong passion for martial arts like MMA, acrobatics like tricking, as well as power lifting.


Stefan graduated from Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2018. He runs his practice in Umeå, Sweden. Stefan enjoys learning anatomy and physiology and how to apply this knowledge in the treatment of his patients. He believes that treatment and techniques are just an extension of the mechanical and chemical architecture of the body and that the more you learn, the more effectively the osteopath’s hands can treat. He became a Personal Trainer in 2001 and 11 years later his passion for manual therapy began to develop. After a course in massage therapy, he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to it from the start of his osteopathic career in 2013.


Filippa is an osteopath D.O. Bsc  and certified kinesiologist. She’s been active as a therapist within complementary medicine since 2008, and got her diploma of osteopathy at Skandinaviska Osteopathögskolan in 2019.

At her clinic in central Gothenburg she specializes in chronic pain, functional disorders and psychosomatic issues. Filippa is passionate about osteopathy as a medicine. She loves to continue learning about the complexity of the body and it’s inherent capacity to heal.

Admissions Officer


Marie will be your relay to integrate the ECOM. Do you want to become an osteopath? Contact Marie. She will be able to answer your questions and guide you until you arrive at the school.

The place

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that has a history, just like Nolhaga Castle, whose tradition dates back to the 16th century.

Its “modern” history began in 1723, when Jonas Alström bought the castle and used it as a plantation for medicinal herbs, tobacco and dye plants.

In 1879 the castle was rebuilt in a new Italian classical style designed by the Swedish architect Adrian Peterson.

This place rich in history is a perfect place for teaching osteopathy in Sweden!

Ecom - European Collegue of Osteopathy